February 25, 2021

Welcome X Æ A-12

We figured Grimes and Elon Musk wouldn’t be leafing through typical baby name books to pick what to title their bundle of joy, but with this one they have really outdone themselves. While all of us thought the new parents were messing with us, Grimes revealed that she and her tech billionaire partner named their son X like A-12, which we can promise would not be labelled to everyone else in his class, but that he would never get a keyring with his name on it. The Oblivion singer on Twitter clarified the curious name, writing:’X, the mysterious element. ‘•My elven Ai (love & /or artificial intelligence) spelling’ •A-12 = predecessor to SR-17 (our favourite aircraft). No guns, no protections, nothing more than pace. Nice in war, still non-violent.’ She added that the A is also her favourite song for Archangel, while 12 is the rat’s Chinese zodiac sign – 2020 is considered to be the Metal Rat year. 

But the actual name of the 32-year-old, Claire Boucher, hasn’t yet clarified how we can say the mouthful. 

But Elon, 48, appears to have discovered the trick he likes on his Account. The Tesla boss liked a follower’s tweet that speculated the term would be spelled ‘X Ash Archangel’ – until Grimes explained just what it said. The follower posted Wikipedia articles stating that it was ‘an ae-ligature named ash,’ although an A-12 may have applied to the ‘Lockheed A-12 identification aircraft designed for the CIA, the 12th in a sequence of internal design attempts for Archangel, the official code name of the aircraft.’ 

Seeing as Grimes later reported that an aircraft was indeed committed to the end of her son’s term, and Musk later posted a photo of the Archangel-12, it seems that X Ash Archangel may be right on the mark. Musk was the first to reveal that his baby and Grimes had joined the universe when he tweeted: ‘Mom and baby all fine.’ He then posted a photo of himself cradling the infant, and told another follower that X A-12 was ‘happy, healthy and sweet when a button.’ Grimes and Elon – believed to be worth $39 billion (£31bn) – have been dating for around two years and made their outing as a pair at the 2018 Met Gala.